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waste time when waiting ....

I am bored...

I can't sleep and I hear, our house is drop in the last place, so I decide to add some point with brewing potion. But, somehow my lazyness got in me, so I need some motivation to start this plan.

I always imagine, what subjek I took if I studied in hogwarts and decide I will mostly take main subjek (Potion, DADA, Transfiguration, Charm, Herbology) with aditional Astronomy, Arithmancy and Ancient Rune, maybe I will happly take Alchemy in my two last year. (I will leave History of Magic in 3rd year and will not take Care for Magical Creature, Divination and Muggle Studies)

Why? I love History, but if the Teacher is boring like Mr. Binns who can make half of class sleep, I will pass. I don't really like animal so I will pass the subject too. Divination is seems interesting but no, I think I don't have it in my blood, I just read horoscope to have fun anyway. Muggle, well, I live as muggle so I know about muggle so I do not need take that subject, even I potrayed I will be a Pure-blood but some of my relatif is Muggle and Half-Blood and I am in civil term with them so yeah...(My cousin is Half-Blood and sorted in Gryffindor, my sister, like to be in Raven. So I am a proud Pure-Blood with no judgement to other blood).

With 8 subject to OWL and NEWT (9 NEWT if I take Alchemy after got my OWL), I think my favorite will be Potion and Arithmancy. Maybe I will love Ancient Rune and Astronomy too. 

So, because I like Potion and Arithmancy subjek (and because I need motivation -meaning make a target- to brew), I decided to make my potion stock in beautifful balance number. So I make 2 rule for this beautifful number:
  1. I aim 10 and/or 20 point once I brew, so my point will always even.
  2. The ratio is 1 : 3 for 20 points and 1 : 2 for 10 points, so I just need brew 2 potion which don't take much time (meaning, all night)  and still can sleep.
For filling that rule my plan is like this:
  • 10 point = cure of boils + swealling / antidode
  • 20 point = sleeping draugh + forgetfullness / wideye / herbicide
I look up my potion stock to make a balance first before start this new rule and my stock now is:
cure of boils : 9
swealling : 6
antidote : 2
sleeping draugh : 11
forgetfullness : 7
wideye : 3
herbicide : 5

To make my stock balance I need to brewing 3 cure of boils, 4 antidote, 4 wideye, 2 herbicide and 10 sleeping draugh. That's make my goal is to brew 23 potion first. With my connection and the time brewing, I mostly can brew 4 or 5 potion a day, so it's will take at least a week. 

After this 23 potion brewing, I will try to brew 2 potion every day, maybe 4 potion in weekend so I can contribute a constant point to my house, even just 10 or 20 point one day (hopefully 30 point in weekend). 
With my cnnection I just can play Pottermore at midnight, but I need my sleep too, so with this rule I can get both of contribute point and sleep time. In my calculation, I just need 2 hours to play each day, and 4 hours in weekend. Well, I can wake up in anytime in weekend so it's okay if I used half of night to brew.

Honestly, I wish I don't suck more in duel, so I can earn point from that, which do not take a long time to make a great amount. (well, you can earn more than just 11 point in duels for 1 hours if you really good at it) 

Yosh!! Let's try if this rule I make can work to myself... *cross finger*

Wait a minute...
Maybe I can make a schedule too... let's see...
Sunday: Swealling and Cure of Boils
Monday: Sleeping and Wideye (What a combination?! XD)
Tuesday:  Antidote and Cure of Boils
Wenesday: Sleeping and Forgetfulness (this will make the hard day in my potion making history)
Thursday: Sleeping and Herbicide
Friday: Swealling and Cure of Boils & Sleeping and Wideye (well maybe I can add Sleeping or Herbicide)
Saturday: Antidote and Cure of Boils & Sleeping and Forgetfulness (well maybe I can add Sleeping or Herbicide again, depend what I make the day before, so it will make a balance amount every week). 

Yup, that's will good.
I can earn 160 point a week, if I continue I will make 640 point per month. Today I finnish 3 cure boils, 2 herbicide, 1 antidote and 1 wideye. 7 potion in one night with no sleep until dawn, oh well, I still have 16 potion to make my stock in balance. I plan to brew 3 antidote and 1 wideye tommorow, the days after tommorow will 2 wideye and 2 slepping draugh. the last 8 sleeping draugh hopefully can I add two days after that in a row, if not I plan to finnish it in next week. So the two next week from now I can start to brew like I plan, 2 potion per day. Maybe the amount it's not much, but at least I have a constand number. (Hey! My goal is a balance number in my stock not to gain much point remember?!)
The problem left is can I really do that... *slaped*

If I can duel, maybe I can make a snape in one month, I will try to earn 360 point from duel, if I can win 12 or 13 duel in a day, it will make 90 duel in a week. Not much but at least I can got 1 snape (1000 point). Unfortunetly I can't. *sigh*

And yes
I don't brew Polyjuice.
Because it take much time, don't have point and I don't need it. So why waste thing?! I already have 1 and it's enough to my collection (someone give me, thank you, I don't make it mind you)

Oh, just to add some imagination I make about this Magic World. I will love to work in Ministry of Magic once I graduated from Hogwarts in Departement of International Magical Coorporation at International Magical Office of Law. The office is in level 5 bay the way.

The logo is not cool in my opinoin, but well. before I consider in Departement of Magical Law Enforcement as Auror, the logo that departement is cool too, but I found out I am suck in duel so I change my choice.

And this really got my curios. Anyone know what Lucius Malfoy job??
I know he have some connection and power in Ministry but what exacly his job? Somehow my imagination is he work in International Magical Co-operation, because obviously he have much connection in and out country, but I think the Malfoy's have a Apothecary too, so maybe he have a side business as owner. Which somehow make sense, the connection he make is from this business too, even in the dark art or illegal stuff. And the family is one of traditional pure-blood who is one of a respected family. That's all combined you can have both a power and gold together in brief time.

My wild Imagination is I take both of school, in Hogwarts and my real school with help of Time-Tunner. And I have 2 life. One is in Magic World one is my Real-Life now. But somehow, because one and much reason I, the magic one, obliviate myself, the non-magic one, so the non-magic me don't remember my time in Magical World.

I know, that's riddikulus.
But hey!! I can dream... it's refreshing to think like that.

I will take my leave now.
See you next time... 

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