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(news) some about tenipuri/myu ....

It's really really already long time I don't touch both of Tenipuri and Tenimyu, so I think I'll update some news from it to catch up. 

From Tenipuri we have some awesome news....
First, after Shiraishi and Yukimura, now Echizen will make a concert or Live Tour called "Take Off". The date is April 2013, 1st, 4th and 7th in 3 places, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo. Here they are...

Next, Remember song called 'For You'?? Yup, that one Hiyoshi and Niou singing. Now it's Shiraishi turn to sing it. The CD will release March 2013, 7th *check calendar* Owh, it's already out now. Go buy It!!! (^_^)

Last... wait, what again?? Oh yeah, the OVA 6 already out and OVA 7 will release in April .... Uhm, Sorry I kind of forgot the date. But I think the review already out there. *slaped*
Oh and they will have "TENIPURI FIESTA 2013". The member list not full out yet, it's still up date in their web, go check if you want to know. For me!? Well, let's say, I already saw Yuki Kaida and Masuda Yuuki name so whatever with other... *kick by other* XP

Now, from Tenimyu...
For 10th TeniMyu Anniversaries, there will be release a single. This single will have 2 type and have PV. Will Release at April 2013, 24th. Really?!! I envied with this 2nd Season Tenimyu, why they don't make PV back then in !st Season?!!! Anyway, the detail is like this:
  • [Type A]
We Always Together
On My Way
We Always Together Original Karaoke
DVD - We alwasy Together PV Type A
  • [Type B]
We Always Together
Jumping Up! High Touch!
That's My Future! Let's Go!
We Always Together Original Karaoke 
DVD - We alwasy Together PV Type B

And yeah, the cover not out yet.
Also, the most which make me envied, The PV Collection DVD.  Really?! When I watch it, the one thing cross in my head is "are Niou study in hogwarts too??!!" *kick by Niou* Ok, sorry, I'am still in Harpot fandom, so yeah.. forgive me?? *puppy eyes*

Anyway, there is 6 PV, I think, from each school. 
Seigaku with song called 'Tommorow for You & I", Rikkai have 'Makeru koto no Yurusenai Ouja ~ Hijou no Tennis, Hyoutei, seriously, with their cosplayed in there sing 'Itetsuku mono no Netsuki Omoi'. Honestly, I just watch that 3. so the rest team for Rokkaku, Fudomine and Yamabuki/Seiru I don't watch it yet. But, I think Fudomina singing 'Shingken Shobu to ha so iu koto' and Rokakku off course with 'Court de Aou'.

I will not upload it. Yes! Why?! Because I annoyed the 1st season don't have it. *evil smirk*

I will ended my babling in here.
See you again.
Bye~ *wink*

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