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Just wondering....
Many people said if tomorrow will be the end of world, 20-12-2012. I said, I don't know 'cause in AL-qur'an clearly written if no body know when the end of this world will be happen. In there just written sign, many sign about end of the world. And I think some of that sign already happen, but off course I don't know if that the real sign or not. we, humman just can wonder, but the one know is just GOD.

Considering this world really really very old and anything even this big world can be destroyed somedays, so the Apocalypse will be happen for real, we just don't know when it happen, once again no one know. Let's say, we just can do the best we can do in this life, hope we don't really did many sin if that day comming.

Even I interest with everything about "life" and "live" but I admit, I always scared if imagine about this, so let's just talk about something else, shall we? We can't do anything anyway, that day will come soon or later, I hope very very long later, not bothered if we want or not.

So, for lighting our mood and forget even just little our fear and worry, I will give you something else which will happen in that date too. But, this thing absoluty will bring excitement and well anything positif feel. I ask you to join me to a new adventure in Pottermore.

Yup, the third book will open tomorrow. The prisoner of Azkaban. Maybe just one chapter but this still a better news than Apocalypse think. We will meet a new character, like Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Prof. Trewlany and that fucking Peter Pattigrew, damn I really hate him. Even Voldemord still better than him, well maybe not really but you know what I mean right....

Okay, I remember I LOVE this book back then when read it. At least this third book become my favorite alone before the six book release. Why?? Bacause in this book, Harry can have a normal student life... okay, not really but still this book free VOLDEMORT. Study, Quidditch, Hang-out with Ron and Hermione in Hogsmeade, bickering with Draco, suffering from homework, that nearly normal if you ignore what he did to his aunt before school, run with Knight Bus and like typically adventure in the end of year.

So, yeah. Many thing we can look forward in this year. Hopefully they will give us question so we can know our patronus. And can I add a litle drarry for the movie... pretty please....
Well, I think, in this year and later in six year is have a lot interaction betwwen Draco and Harry. I specially like when Malfoy give Potter papper which his drawing, when he imitated werewolf voice and when the first Hagrid Class, Care of Magical Creatures.

I think I will end my random in here. 
Remember, tommorow is 20-12-2012, be carefull, pray, stay calm and keep positive think. *smirk*

*imitated dementor with malfoy*   Huuuuuuu~~~~


20 DECEMBER 2012

So, finnaly today almost ended, are someone found something different or weird today? When we dinner, my mother told me if this morning she saw something .... unic? in the sky. She said if she saw word "ALLAH" with arabic font in the sky. well, I don't know that real or not, I obviously still in my room at 5 or 6 am so... yeah. But, this evening, when I go with my sister, I saw myself is the sun fortunetly still go done in west. So that's mean the sun rise in east this morning, and yeah, I confirmed that with one of my friend.

Honestly this got my nerveous, I remember if in Al-qur'an writed if apocalypse days will be happen in Friday. So, regarding the 'talk' which almost many people believed, the last day in Maya Calender's is today, and that mean tommorow is the final days, and yup, tommorow is friday. Maybe this just my nerve which really got me, but when I saw my town from hills this evening, the color in building is yellow, well mostly because the lamp already switch though.

Anyway, enought with that. The important thing is Pottermore Book 3rd already open. We can start The prisoner of Azkaban and not just one chapter like I think before, but half, maybe... I just saw my notification and still not yet explore it. So, I will take my leave now to explore.

See you again...
And now, the new adventure begin.....

this my notification pic ....

excuse me, I really need to leave now, I am excited to this so for gift I will give you the picture from chapter 1, go to there soon and see yourself what adventure you will begin.
Have a nice day's....

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