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I just visit KAT-TUN Community and saw an news about KT-TUN, yes, KT-TUN not KAT-TUN will be doing ASIA TOUR this year, included, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand (Why Indonesia not??!!! XP). Scedule from May to August.
And why the A not appear in that concert? Because the A will be busy with his solo consert in LA at June, but he will go to LA from May for prepared that concert.

The history why it become like that is:

After a solo performance in February, Akanishi received an offer from American cable channel UTB, which focuses on Japanese programs. At the time, KAT-TUN's Asia tour had already been finalized, but after discussions with the other members and agency president Johnny Kitagawa, it was decided that the tour would go on without Akanishi. He agreed to three concerts on June 19-20 at the Club Nokia venue at the L.A. Live complex. It is said that he will perform the shows entirely in English.

Akanishi is expected to remain in Los Angeles until October. He will be involved in promotional activities and is considering additional U.S. concerts.

source: tokyograph

And here we comes again,
Very much opinion of pro and contra about A decision. Well, if are you a really fans of KAT-TUN, why don’t you just support and happy with this news? KT-TUN will be an ASIA TOUR and A will be consert in LA, is not that a really really great thing? I do like KAT-TUN, not a big fans tought I had Masa for my fav idols and I already give my love just for that two lead singer with name AkaKame, but I realy like KAT-TUN as 6 of them.
True, it sad for hear that A not be join with the others but I thing it’s ok. I would say A will be really a Bakanishi if he just slipped the big chance for America, beside it’s not already discusion with all of members, right? If they ok with that why we not?

About A being selfish or leave the other again?? I thing everyone right to be selfish in one or many condition, and I, myself agree if you can being selfish to purpose your dream, beside, 5 month, oh c’mon guys, A had leave for 6 month before and he still come back right?! Thing about he will leave KAT-TUN for ever it’s, well maybe it’s possible, but now I can say if that riddiculus, they already together for what? 9, 10 years? And I wonder if Johnny will let him just leave if that can make a big affection in KAT-TUN popularity and JE financial. *grin*

If anything can make I am upset is I am not live in LA so I can watch A consert and KT-TUN pass my country in their tour. >.<

Well, it’s just my opinion.

Btw, I thing tenimyu final match rikkai second already did, lately I don’t keep my hear much about tenimyu, I still don’t get DVD draem live 6th and final match rikkai first thing. Well, I do got the final match first but IT’S NOT MASA, and I realy hope can get the other performance. I WANT MASA WHO ROLE NIOU!!!! *shout* I WANT MASA 2nd ALBUM TOO!!!!!

Oh, and yesterday, I mean last week, I got Yukimura mini album and guess what? In last track, I thing the titlte is自分革命, Yukimura-buchou duet with Niou *scream happy* XP

Last is.... callendar KAT-TUN this year had 2 pictures AKAME. WOW!!!! *happy*

PS: I am sorry I don't have any of picture copy from that news, but if you visit KAT-TUN Community maybe you can found them, puri!

PS2: Forgive me to my bad english. m(_ _)m

PS3: Anyone can help me to find a good job? My dad still in hospital and I need job for survive my own life.

PS4: It’s really patient with lung cancer last stadium have a low percentance for survive?

Bonus Pic:
Masa and Bachon in Tenimyu Final match Rikkai first Backstage, puri! ^^

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